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5 minutes with: evo educator Natalie Mcleavy

5 minutes with: evo educator Natalie Mcleavy

We speak to evo educator and salon owner Natalie Mcleavy, about creativity within education, and her hero products when it comes to colouring!


Where does your passion for hair stem from?

I think my passion for hair stems from my love of design, creativity and how happy it makes me to help people feel amazing. 


Why did you choose education?

I didn’t choose education. Education chose me. Haha. Jokes. It felt like a natural progression in my career. I started my salon from a very young age and as much as I feel blessed to have such an amazing space I got itchy feet. Delivering education especially with the Cult team, allows me to keep current, pass on my knowledge and passion for hair whilst still having time to work with my clients in salon. 


When it comes to colouring, which are your hero products? 

I have new hero products when it comes to colouring. Bottle Blonde clay lightener- I always shied away from clay lighteners as I couldn’t find one that allowed me to create the techniques that I wanted to, but this amazing new product lets me freehand with confidence that it’s not going to transfer but still gives me the most gentle lift and with that hueverse demi glosses. My fave shade atm is 9.77. It’s bloody perfect to reduce orange/yellow tones but also gives a lush lilac finish. 


How do you define creativity? 

I personally don’t think you can define creativity. One persons creativity can be different to the next. Just because one person may define the French bob as ultimate creativity the next person may think long flowing balayage is the best thing since sliced bread. I feel like It comes from the individuals passion and outlook and the observers ideals. 


Why is creativity within education so important? 

Creativity in education is super important, you need to adapt to your audience and have learn how to inspire different types of stylists. Individuals need a variety of things from you so it’s important to understand your surroundings and deliver as best as you can. 


What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

My highlight of my career so far isn’t as glamorous as many of those around me. I’d love to say an amazing photoshoot or winning awards, but actually being able to reopen my salon after a global pandemic, with a thriving business and fab team behind me was a very humbling experience. 


What’s on your music playlist? 

So, my music playlist? It’s a wild ride. One minute you could be listening to old school R&B, with a bit of drum and bass or the latest dance track, followed by songs from the musical wicked, Hamilton & a bit of pitch Perfect thrown into the mix. I’m. Not. Ashamed. 


What makes you smile each day? 

My boy Stan. He’s the love of my life. The apple of my eye. He’s a mini dachshund crossed with a Havernese and has one blue eye and one brown. He also comes to the salon with me and gets more attention and treats than I do. 


If you weren’t working in the hair industry, what would you be doing? 

If I wasn’t working in the hair industry I’d most certainly be creating some wild designs around the house. I love up-cycling, Either that or i’d earn the title for the worlds worst plant mom. I do try. 


Why evo? 

Why would you not? Not only is it a brand that delivers great results, originally in styling and fab pro , but now colour too. It also cares for everything! The stylist, the client and the environment. What more could you ask for? 


What makes evo different to any other hair brands you have worked with? 

I have worked with many other brands and whilst they were all fabulous, Evo has always stood out for me. Obviously I love the range but for me I LOVE the way that it allows me to be me. It allows you to be you. We are all individual with many different talents and it lets each one of those come out in what ever which way fits right for you. No pressure. 


How do you describe your style - personally, and as a hair stylist? 

My style both personally and as a stylist flow into one another. I like to think I’m a bit quirky, edgy and my love of brights and animal print is second to none. Actually my favourite colour is leopard print. Now obviously not every client who sits in my chair wants to walk out like that, but I hope that my sense of adventure rubs off on every client and they feel inspired to try something new. Whether it be bangs, a new cut, wild colour or change of tone.


What is your go-to evo product? 

My go to Evo product has got to be haze the styling powder. It’s my life saver for many styles and works on all hair types and lengths. 


16 Bidford Rd, Braunstone Town, Leicester LE3 3AE

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