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Introducing Aura: The first vegan smoothing system

Introducing Aura: The first vegan smoothing system

Aura is the first vegan biotechnological hair treatment formulated with organic ingredients that straightens and softens the hair fibre and eliminates frizz. It enhances natural shine and achieves optimal hair health and beauty.

Cared-for hair is synonymous with health. Soft, shiny hair with impeccable ends is considered a sign of beauty. The degree of hydration is different in each case and needs to maintain its balance. Whether it is straight, wavy, curly, fine or thick hair, and regardless of sensitivity to humidity and unwanted frizz, all hair types need specific care. However, all hair types, without fail, “require” resistance to breakage, shine, volume, softness and long-lasting style.

AURA is formulated with a premium complex of hyaluronic acid produced by fermentation. It is obtained through a high performance biotechnological method that is, safe and respectful of the environment.

Applying this premium hyaluronic acid to hair offers intense hydration and protection. It increases shine and creates an anti-pollution barrier effect.

Hyaluronic acid is an essential element found in the human body that acts like a sponge. Its main characteristic is its hydrating power. Its molecules are hydrophilic water-lovers that are able to store water in cells and tissue. Applying this essential element to the hair creates a hydrating layer over the hair fibre and offers intense hydration and protection of the hair. It increases shine and prevents external particles from getting trapped in hair by creating an anti-pollution barrier effect.

The Micellar Shampoo offers deep cleaning through micellar action, formulated with an alkaline pH to open the cuticle and help the Active Treatment penetrate the hair effectively and stimulate the anti-frizz effect and straightening action activated by flat irons. The Hyaluronic Mask seals the cuticle to guarantee long-lasting, protective results.

Aura offers immediate benefits upon application and extraordinary and visible results on the day of treatment: highly texturised, shiny, silky and soft hair. Aura is the key to achieving more manageable hair, faster and easier drying and to spending less time on styling each day. The results last for 4 to 6 months. Aura is an exclusive and safe* treatment. It doesn’t produce fumes or smells or cause unwanted itching. Aura is dermatologically tested.

The Aura products are made with a customised fragrance to offer an enhanced experience for the senses. Dermatologically tested products, not tested on animals, paraben-free and vegan friendly.

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