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SWH x evo: Crafting Masterpieces at The Big One Hair Pieces Event

SWH x evo: Crafting Masterpieces at The Big One Hair Pieces Event

On Monday November 13th, Cult Brands stepped into the enchanting world of hair artistry at the Battersea Arts Centre in London. The stage was set for The Big One: Hair Pieces Event presented by the fabulous Tribu-te Magazine. As proud sponsors of the SWH Art Team, we were thrilled to be part of this celebration of creativity alongside the incredible Simon Webster Hair.

Before we dive into the whirlwind that was The Big One Trophy 2022, let's talk about the real stars of the show - the SWH Art team, made up of Ellie Gunn, Javier Encina, Lucy Peaches, and Rhi Taylor and led by visionaries Simon Webster and Sophie Webster. The team embarked on a journey through time and inspiration, their collection celebrating 50 years of "The Wicker Man."

Image Credit: @davehindley via Tribu-te Magazine UK

Four looks inspired by the 1973 film and folk horror, meticulously crafted and flawlessly presented. The key inspirations behind their creations? Pagan rituals, Wiccan symbols, the spiritual cycle of birth and death, and the divine feminine in various forms. A nod to polytheistic ancient cultures added an extra layer of mystique, tying together influences from Britain to South America. A special mention goes to the stylist Phoenix-Blu Coyle, also known as Quarry Dolls, whose handmade outfits added a mesmerising touch to the overall spectacle.

In the buzzing realm of creativity, we were honoured to play a pivotal role as sponsors. From styling gels to finishing sprays, our products became the catalyst for transforming artistic visions into tangible, breathtaking realities.

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Now, let's set the stage for the main event; and forget everything you know about traditional hair shows! This was an immersive theatre experience where the audience didn't just sit and watch; they walked through different spaces, getting up close and personal with the leading hairdressers of the industry. Hair Pieces, with its seminar-meets-show-meets-art-installation vibe, took the concept of a hair event to a whole new level. 

Image Credit: @davehindley via Tribu-te Magazine UK

The Big One Trophy 2022 was the grand finale we've all been waiting for. The anticipation in the air was electric as the winners were unveiled. Congratulations to all the talented teams who took home these coveted trophies.

Image Credit: @davehindley via Tribu-te Magazine UK

But the excitement didn't end there. The event closed with a jaw-dropping finale catwalk featuring the models from each Hair Pieces presentation. It was a visual feast of creativity, innovation, and downright stunning hair art. The grand hall of the BAC transformed into a runway of dreams, showcasing the culmination of weeks of hard work and passion. 

Image Credit: @davehindley via Tribu-te Magazine UK

Before we sign off, a massive shout out to the SWH Art Team for having us along for the ride. It was an honour, a pleasure, and a whole lot of fun. You didn't just showcase hairdressing; you elevated it to an art form. Thank you for letting us be a part of this incredible journey, and for trusting our evo hair products to complement your vision.

And last but not least, to the brilliant minds behind Tribu-te Magazine, thank you for steering such an exceptional event. Here's to pushing boundaries and creating more hair magic!





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