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The Complete Blonde Hair Prescription: Introducing the Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Mist! 💜

The Complete Blonde Hair Prescription: Introducing the Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Mist! 💜

We've got some super exciting news that we couldn't wait to share with all of you - our much-loved Fabuloso Platinum range just got a fantastic new addition! Say hello to the one and only Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Mist! 🎉✨ If you've been on the lookout for a lightweight, leave-in mist that works wonders on blonde, grey, or lightened hair, then this little gem is here to save the day.


Let's dive into the reasons why the Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Mist deserves a prime spot in your salon and in the hearts of your clients:

**Lightly Tones:** This mist comes with just the right amount of pigment, providing blondes with the flexibility to use it alone or alongside the Fabuloso Platinum Blonde range. You'll love the fact that there won't be any signs of over-toning in sight – natural and seamless results guaranteed!

**Primes + Protects:** With just a quick spritz, your clients' hair will be left feeling soft, shiny, and tangle-free. But that's not all – it also offers stellar protection from heat and UV damage, ensuring your clients' beautiful colour stays intact for longer. No more stressing over damage and colour-fade!

**Treats:** It's not all about toning with this magic mist. The Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Mist is infused with a delightful combination of nourishing and strengthening ingredients that work tirelessly to improve hair manageability and condition. Your clients will leave your salon not only looking fabulous but feeling it too!

**Simple and Easy:** Just the way we like it! This mist is suitable for daily use. All your clients need to do is shake the bottle well, then spray it evenly onto damp or dry hair. Leave it in and style as desired. For an extra intense result, they can pair it up with the Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo and/or Colour Boosting Treatment. The results will speak for themselves!

**Vegan, Gluten-Free, Gimmick-Free, and Tested on Humans:** Yep, you heard that right. Evo Hair knows what matters, and they've got all the boxes ticked when it comes to delivering an exceptional, ethical product.


And here's the best part – we've got an incredible intro deal that'll make your day even brighter! Get ready for it: When you buy 6 full-size 140ml mists for just £81.00, we'll sweeten the deal by throwing in 6 adorable 50ml minis for FREE! Can you believe it? That's an amazing bonus value of £30 right there!

Don't wait – hop on board and offer your clients the chance to embrace their vibrant and radiant hair like never before. Stock up on the Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Mist today, and let the blonde magic begin! 🌟💆‍♀️

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