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Your Ultimate Guide to a Salon-Ready Christmas 🎅🎄

Your Ultimate Guide to a Salon-Ready Christmas 🎅🎄

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it's prime time for your salon to shine. At Cult Brands, we understand that preparing for the Christmas rush is no small feat, but with the right strategies, it can be the most successful and joyful time for your salon. So, grab your Santa hats and let's sleigh this Christmas season together! 🎅✨


Plan Your Promotions 🎁

Begin with a plan! The key to standing out during the holiday season is to offer something unique. Think about what services and promotions will resonate with your clients. Maybe it's regrowth touch-ups, glamorous blowouts, or relaxing treatments. Once you've got your festive offers in mind, it's time to shout them from the rooftops!

Reach Out Directly 📞

Encourage your clients to pre-book their appointments, so they don't miss out during the holiday rush. Reach out directly through emails or SMS. Make your messages purposeful, marking important dates and showcasing limited-edition gift sets. Cut through the holiday marketing noise with a clear, festive message.

Utilise Social Media 📱

Social media is your holiday ally. Use Instagram for themed Reels and TikToks. Share posts with updated opening hours, last-minute cancellations, and exciting Christmas content. Promote your posts with paid advertising, ask customers to tag your salon, and create a content calendar to stay organised and festive.

Update In-Salon Promotional Assets 💇‍♀️

Give your salon a festive facelift with fresh promotional materials like mirror clings, counter cards, and posters. Not only will it impress your regular clients, but it'll also catch the eye of potential shoppers. Plus, you'll need space for those seasonal products!

Highlight Limited Edition Gift Packs 🎀

Christmas means limited edition gift packs. Display them strategically in your salon to inspire clients looking for the perfect gift. Make them visible for Secret Santas, friends, and even clients treating themselves.

Suggest Gift Cards 💌

For those tricky-to-shop-for folks, gift cards are a lifesaver. Keep them front and centre at your reception or POS as an easy add-on for your customers. It's the gift of choice wrapped in convenience.

Stock Up on Products 🛒

Promoting products is great, but make sure they're in stock! Managing your inventory is vital to prevent missed sales opportunities and satisfy your clients' needs.

Motivate Your Team 🤗

Your team can be the holiday heroes of your salon. Encourage them to use the latest and greatest products. Their excitement will be contagious and lead to more sales. The holiday season is also a perfect time for less-experienced staff to practice upselling and cross-selling.

Provide Incentives and Rewards 💰

Motivation thrives on incentives. Consider revising your salon's commission structure or introducing sales-based incentives during peak periods. If monetary incentives aren't feasible, show your team appreciation with small gestures like praise, flexible hours, or a cozy coffee break.

Support Your Staff 🤝

Check in regularly with your team to ensure they're doing well. Create a positive atmosphere, let them have fun decorating the salon, and plan an end-of-year celebration to wrap up the year on a high note.

📝 Salon Christmas Prep Checklist:

  • Decide which products and services to promote.
  • Order Christmas packs.
  • Check distributor order cut-off date.
  • Update website opening hours and policies.
  • Notify clients when Christmas bookings are open.
  • Plan your social media content.
  • Have promotional assets and gift cards ready.
  • Manage incoming stock and stock levels.
  • Implement incentives, rewards, and bonuses for staff.
  • Organise a work Christmas party or get-together.

Get Christmas-ready with Cult Brands, your one-stop shop for salon professionals. Shop our Christmas packs and products from award-winning brands to give your clients the gift of great hair. 🛒✨

Order your Cult Brands Christmas packs here.

Let's sleigh this holiday season together! 🎅🎁

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