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About i.plex

i.plex is the innovative, complete and perfect 3-step anti-aging treatment that begins in the salon and finishes at home.

- Restructures capillary fiber by 94%

- Hair is 44% more resistant breakage

- Long-lasting results

- Paraben Free, PEGs Free, Mineral Oils Free 

No 1. Premium Bond

BONDSTRENGTHENERWith KeravisTM:it’s a molecule capable of penetrating the hair fiber and strengthening it from the inside.

No 2. Keratech i.Power

RECONSTRUCTIVETREATMENTWith KeratecTM:anti-aging keratin complex.

No 3. Hair Perfection

PROTECTIVEMASKWith KeravisTM& Keratec TM:to maximize the results.